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"I know the system, inside and out."

Natalie R. Wasson

Experience. Respect. Results.

Judge/ Attorney / Prosecutor

In her career, Natalie Wasson (formerly Conn), Attorney at Law, has spent 1 year as a Public Defender, 3 years as a Prosecuting Attorney, 6 years as a Senior Judge in the State of Indiana, 9 years in her own private practice, and 12 years in Grant County (Indiana) as a Superior Court Judge.  Natalie brings this, over 20 years worth of experience, to you...and your specific situation.  When Natalie says she knows the system? She means it.  She uses this knowledge to get proven results for her clients.

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Practice Areas

Family Law

Divorce, Emancipation, Paternity, Post Dissolution Matters

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Let me show you how to SAVE money on attorney fees.

Criminal / traffic

Criminal Record Expungement, DUI/HTV Defense, Hardship License, Restricted Driving Privileges, Re-Instatement of Driving Privileges

Crime Prevention
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