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In my extensive background as a former Superior Court Judge and family law attorney, it has been my experience that couples...or parents, who are able to compromise a settlement of their differences, whether it involves just the marital estate, or more complex family issues, will benefit more from the outcome of mediation, and will feel more in control of being able to live a life that more closely resembled the life they envisioned in a post-divorce environment.

My goal is to assist parties of a dissolution in getting to these resolutions of their differences as quickly, and inexpensively, as possible.  

I will help bring the parties together, outside of the courtroom, and will bring my experience to your situation to help you reach an agreement that can be drafted, signed, and submitted to the court, in lieu of a formal hearing.  This alone can save both parties thousands of dollars.

I come into each and every situation as an unbiased participant, much like I did as a Superior Court Judge, but in these cases, I am hired to assist you in reaching the best possible outcome, regardless of the circumstances you face.  As a result, you'll both be an active part of the outcome rather than being resigned to accept the court's decision.

Mediation can work.  

Contact me if you'd like more information about my mediation services.

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